Thursday, April 1, 2010

oh my!! Could it really be 2 in a row?!?

As a matter of fact it can be. Apparently yesterdays little rant paid off in some small ways because the truck issue is righting itself in a little better means than I was hoping. What this post is about today is a list I have. I started making this list last year on the day after I fell and screwed up my knee. As I sat on the couch watching t.v. for 8 hours straight I realized that up until that point I had wasted a lot of my life. wasted a lot of potential. I don't have to do epic things in my life, but I have to do something. I've seen people waste their entire lives and then on their death bed say how much they regret not doing this or that. I already have my regrets to take to the grave. I don't want to add more. This list is something that I am working on over the next few years. You may have heard of something similar from other people such as the 101 in 1001. This isn't that extensive of a list and I am not setting an exact day to finish it on. This list isn't complete though. As time goes on, I will add to it, so as my fans, friends and family I encourage you to make suggestions for me. I will try to update on the list when I can. I have already managed to cross a few things off but there is still a long way to lets get started

1. compete in the maine highland games (this one is iffy)
2. Figure out knee issues (done!)
3. Get a tattoo
4. Buy a digital SLR Camera
5. Move out of Brownville
6. Read 3 pieces of classic literature (suggestions? Moby Dick is my only choice so far)
7. Meditate once a week (yes I know how to meditate)
8. Visit Nova Scotia for a long weekend
9. Reconnect with family (already a work in progress thanks to some help from my sisters)
10. Find a hobby (also done, I bought a four wheeler last fall and my wife has bought be wood carving tools)
11. Take the katahdin across moosehead lake (for you that doesn't know what this is :
12. Lose 50lbs (after the last month, better make that 65)
13. Learn to play guitar (I have a basic understanding, but a long way to go)
14. Take a scenic flight over Bar Harbor ( again :
15. Take a tropical vacation (any destination suggestions?)
16. Take a trip to D.C. (this could be a possibility for next year as a family trip?)
17. Write a story and publish it
18. Go skydiving
19. Enroll in college
20. Volunteer 120 hours
21. Donate food for 10 families on thanksgiving
22. Donate gifts for atleast 20 kids at christmas
23. Take a kid to the bookstore
24. Start to learn a new language (This is going to be hard because there is a few I want to learn. Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic)
25. Visit Maine Maritime Museum (
26. go camping for 30 nights (this doesn't mean consecutively)
27. Hike Gulf Hagas (google Gulf Hagas and check out the images...this is about 20 minutes from my home)
28. Learn to reload ammuntion (again, I know the basics and have done it with people before)
29. Get Lost
30. Go Parasailing
31. Marry Heather again
32. Help Heather finish getting her Masters degree
33. Get Organized (Ha!)
34. Put $3,000 into a savings account
35. Walk 10 miles at once
36. Collect all of Pat McManus books (He has a collection of about 15-20 books. Currently I have 7. He is a funny, witty outdoor humorist who wrote for magazines such as Outdoor Life and Field and Stream for 20 some odd years)
37. Clear all debts (this may take more than a couple years)
38. buy more woodworking tools
39. Shoot my .348 winchester rifle at 400 yards (my father in law and I have a long standing bet that I can't hit the broad side of a barn at 400 yards...I hate to take his money though)
40. Go whitewater rafting
41. Establish Highland Handmades w/ Heather (done)
42. Buy a piece of land (if I could just figure out where....)
43. Have a night out with Heather once a month (we have been doing pretty good with this one)
44. Go to the top of the Penobscot Observatory(
45. Put together my entire family history (lord help me)
46. Go to six flags
47. Collect new art/pictures for our home
48. create enough wood working to bring in a second income
49. Buy a new pistol (what can I and guns, we're tight)
50. Learn and practice 3 unconventional fire starting methods
51. Take the polar plunge again (
52. Teach Jackson to ride on the back of the four wheeler
53. Take my nephew out for a day

So this is the start of my list and the things are definitley not in any order. As I said before, if you have ANY suggestions, please, give them. I don't care what it is. I would love to do more for other people and encourage the ideas. But right now I think I am going to go work on number 36 and read some Pat. Have a good one guys!


Fox In Detox said...

#39....take his money, and don't apologize.

#49...there's nothing wrong with that.

#51...Take Heather to the Grand Canyon.

Bear said...

Fox!! I was hoping you'd show up! It's just not the same blogging without seeing what you have to say. I don't know if you read the post before this one but it pertains to you too. I like your idea of the G.C. and it just made this list.

Birds of A Feather said...

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend, Bear. I mentioned that you and Heather wanted to move and my husband was rather...less than thrilled with this idea. He's taken a liking to you two (like I have) and wants you two to stick around! I love your list and I'm sure you can accomplish each and ever item on it!