Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Heather Naomi Monroe Kinne
and I hope
That your Christmas
Is Merry and Bright

Friday, December 5, 2008

Reliving Days of Old...

By the power of Greyskull!.....

When I was young, every time I heard that line it would send a chill up my spine and I felt like I was right there beside He-man fighting Skeletor and his henchmen. As much as I spent my days wandering through the fields and forests of Brownville, I spent my fair share of time watching the best cartoons of the last few generations. He - Man, Voltron, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, Those were the heroes of my youth. (Hell, I even dressed up as He-man for my 4th Halloween. I made a mighty fine one too I might add)

The cartoons of today are despicable to say the least. The villians are far from villainous and their worst crime is stealing some poor kids ipod or knocking out a cellphone tower. Whatever happened to trying to destroy the universe?

Over the last year or so and many hours perusing the internet and different stores (plus a little help from netflix) I have found whole seasons of my favorite cartoons. I have spent a few hours of late reliving my childhood and I've gotta say, it's GREAT! I never did realize how poor the cartoons of the youth today were until I could compare them to the lates and greats of my time.

So what I want to know is what were your favorite shows growing up? What was that special show that you could watch and it would totally make you forget about the world around you? What epic animated story made you feel like you were the gallant hero?

If you haven't relived some of your fond childhood memories lately I hope this post will inspire you to take a step back and dive in head first. Trust me, you'll love it!

Thundercats, Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

All For Naught

Well Ladies and Gentleman, here I am, making yet another attempt to post the happenings of my life onto the world wide web. To start this thing off with a bang I'm going to fill you in on todays drama. For the last 5 years 7 months and 2 days I have been making my living working at Lumbra Hardwoods Inc. When I first started there I was happy, I felt fulfilled, I felt proud. My job is far from easy. It is physically exhausting and can wear you down quickly. Judging by the 30 or more people who have come and gone in my time, its not one for the weak or lazy. I used to tell everyone with luster where I worked and what I did cause I wanted everyone to know. Over the years, that luster and that passion has faded, and rather rapidly in the last couple years I might add. I'm tired of doing the same thing every single day, the monotony bores you to tears or even to tears some day, but that isn't what is killing my ambition. You see, the Lumbra's are some of THE nicest and honest people in the world. They are by far the best bosses and management ANYWHERE. They run the mill like a family business because it is a family business and we are just as much a part of that family.

That being half of the problem. They are not very strict on who they hire or have very high standards. Unfortuneatly that means that about every other guy they hire is a complete idiot. Sure, most of them are nice guys and all and have good intentions but they don't have a enough common sense to match a housefly. I am frustrated, frustrated beyond all belief with these guys because when they do something wrong, it is the vets that get stuck fixing it or doing it right while they suffer no consequence. After going through this with so many guys that have come and gone, I am at my ends. I really don't feel like I can take it anymore and it is not worth it because from 7:00am when I punch in to 4:30 when I punch out I am frustrated or pissed off.

My wife and I have agreed that I was going to work at the mill for 2 more years and leave in the late summer of 2010 to start attending college full time. The reason that I was going to stay at the mill even that long was so when I did leave I could take my retirement with me which I was hoping was going to be near $25,000. That was until today...

This afternoon we met with our financial representatives and got to each discuss our portfolios individually. Now I understand that the world's economy is going down the tubes rather quickly but as of December 4th, 2008 I have lost 51% of my retirement....51 FUCKING PERCENT!!!!

I feel like everything that I have worked for is gone, and I don't know if I have enough time to rebuild it before I decide to go to school. I don't want to work at the mill anymore as it is and I sure as hell do not want to have to make my time table any longer but I don't see much of a choice. I seriously doubt I will be able to recover those kinds of loses in 21 months, especially with the way the economy is still dwindling. What do I do?