Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a bit overdue perhaps?

So before anyone tears me a new one...I know...I know. I haven't updated in months and I've left some of you hanging. Most of you have a pretty good idea of what is going on with me anyways so I haven't felt the overwhelming need to blog about it...the truth is though, I missed you guys...

So lets get down to the nitty gritty. Last fall I fell and truly screwed up my knee. I tore the miniscus in two places, tore some cartilidge in other places and set my kneecap over about an inch from where its supposed to be. A month and a half ago they operated on it. The operation was from my understanding a success although the dr has already said that I will need more work done in the future. I have been in physical therapy for the last 5 weeks with no definite end in sight. I am glad that I am finally getting this issue taken care of, but I don't know if I am getting the results I wanted. I have been laid up for a month and a half, not able to work and its driving me insane. I'm doing my best to try and hide it but my cover is wearing thin. What is making it worse is I don't know for sure when I will get to go back to work.

On Monday morning, April 5th they are going in to take out my gallbladder. This is both a good and bad thing. It's good because I am hoping it will alleviate some of my pain and sicky feeling. I am somewhat worried about this though because every test they have done has shown that the gallbladder is fine...but then again so is everything so why not just take it out anyways? This is also going to set back my P.T. schedule, further delaying my return to work.

What does all this spell. No Highland Games. If my knee was completely healed tomorrow I would still not be able to get into the physical condition I need to be to compete in August. This breaks my heart...what crushes my heart is the fact that from the sounds of my drs recomendations...I'll never compete. This isn't set it stone but it might be the wisest decision I can make.

To top all this off...I've gained 15lbs since I've been out of work...blaahhhhhhh
So that gets the health issues out of the way..

We've been having vehicle issue upon vehicle issue lately and its starting to get tiresome. It seems we can't keep a vehicle on the road for more than a few weeks without something going to hell. This week the truck needs a new headgasket which will probably cost us $400-500 and thats just after dumping 300 into our car 2 weeks ago.

As much as I have just whined about getting back to work...part of me doesn't want to go back to my job. I want to work...I just don't know if I want to work at the mill. Things have changed there. Relationships with coworkers have changed and I rapidly feel like the time for me to move on is coming closer and closer. The problem is that there is no other work around here that even remotely comes close to what I am making right now and we just simply can't afford to take that kind of cut right now.

I am making good progress on my pre-req's for school since I've been off which is really good because I went through a couple month lull where I was only doing a couple lessons a week just to get by. I do think I am changing my course in academics though. My previous interest was going to involve way to much desk and office work and I just can't do that. I've had a full time job for the last 13 years and I've never sat behind a desk. I can't start doing it now. I think I am leaning towards becoming a home and building inspector. I'm currently waiting for some information to come to me in the mail..I'll just have to take it from there.

Well it's almost time to go pick up my wife from work so for now I'll sign off saying that without you guys, I wouldn't be in as good as shape as I am and I need to thank you guys for everything you do, physically and emotionally. Its my goal to try to start updating once a week but I make no promises. love ya guys


Fox In Detox said...

Awwww! We love you too! Welcome back!

I know what you mean about relationships at work changing and feeling like it's time to move on. Follow your gut. It always knows the right thing to do.

I don't regret having my gallbladder removed AT ALL. I don't think I could have survived another attack. The pain literally brought me to my knees a couple of times. Did they do a Hida scan with CCK? Your gallbladder may look fine on the outside, but not be functioning. Mine appeared normal as well, but when they did that test, they found it was expelling bile at 4%... 40% is normal. They also detected stones. It was necessary.

Hope your knee heals better than before the accident...and I hope you get to play in the highland games!

Bear said...


Yeah they did the Hida scan and it came back mostly normal..the bile was expelling a little slower than normal but not enough that it should be causing problems. atleast thats what the surgeon says. They also haven't found any stones, thats what has taken so long on getting it ripped out. Oh well, just 2 more days to go

Fox In Detox said...

Weird that it would hurt so much. Wonder if maybe you don't have a stone stuck in a bile duct that might be causing pancreatitis. You usually feel that pain radiating through to the middle of your back. Either way...good luck with the operation. Hopefully it will relieve your symptoms. Ouch!