Thursday, April 8, 2010

So I've joined the ranks

I know that there is a few of my friends out there that have had their gallbladders removed and I can now say I'm right there with ya, guys. I'm now one among the slightly gut-less brigade.

On Monday morning we arrived at the hospital on time and they took me right in and got things underway. First off, I have to say that I absolutely love this hospital. It is the hospital I was born in and have been going to my entire life. Through all my mother's illnesses they took exceptional care of her, always and every time going that extra mile to make her comfortable and happy. And they have always done the same for me. My wife, only having gone there with me and for a couple quick blood draws can attest to my accounts.

So getting back to the story they took me in, got me ready, gave me some drugs, gave me some more drugs and then took me into the O.R.. Within 2 minutes I was sound asleep and before I knew it I was waking up recovery. I woke up a little freaked because there was so much pressure and pain in my chest that I could just barely move my arms. The nurse took great care of me, explaining that it was the gas they had to pump into me to do the surgery and it travels up into the shoulders. They doped me up again, then again, then again and all was right with the world. I don't know what it was that they gave me, but two thumbs WAY up!!

After 45 minutes or so they wheeled me back to my room and let me veg for a while with my wife where I spent about an hour and a half with nurses, drs and even the anasthesologist (I know I spelled that wrong) coming in to check on me. I managed to get a coffee and a couple pieces of toast into me and after a bit longer and a couple vicodin later I felt comfortable enough to get up and move around some. They told me I could stay as long as I wanted to but at that point I just wanted to go home and so I proceeded to get dressed very slowly. Not long after I was out of the hospital and we went to a local restaurant to get a small bite to eat since Heather hadn't eaten all day and it was already 1:30pm.

We made it home and its been several days and most of the pain is gone and there has been no major incidents. The incision just below my belly button has given me a bit of trouble leaving a 3x6 inch red spot/bruise going towards my groin. We are keeping a close eye on it but I am fairly certain it is just a bruise that is healing. keep your fingers crossed.

I am hoping by Saturday I will be able to walk comfortably so I can finally get off my ass cause I gotta tell you, it's getting pretty old.

I have to give thanks to my wife for taking such good care of me. The last couple months have been hard. First knee surgery and know this this surgery. The recovery for the prior has been slow and painful but there is progress so I guess that is the whole point. I love her and I can't show her enough appreciation for everything she has done.


Fox In Detox said... only have one incision? How did I end up with five? And how on earth did you eat? I couldn't eat anything but Jello for almost two weeks.

Congratulations on becoming one of us gut-less wonders. Now sit back, relax, and heal.

Bear said...


sorry if I wasn't clear, I wound up with 4 incisions all together, one in my belly button, one half way up my abdomen and 2 in my side. all have healed well except that belly button.

Eating hasn't been too much of a problem although I have been picky with what I have been eating. soup, easy sandwiches, things like that. I haven't tried any red meat or anything greasy. I'm trying a little bit of soda today for the first time.

How have you been doing now that you have recovered from your procedure? Some people have told me they have had to completely change their diets and others have said they have totally changed their diets.

Bear said...

gah apparently I am having a harder time today than I thought. I meant to say some people have kept their regular diets and others have said they completely changed theirs.

Birds of A Feather said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better, Bear. The only food I have to be cautious of is fried spicy stuff and Milky Way bars. I would come to visit with ya and cheer you up but my husband has decided to share his illness with me and I do NOT want to pass it along to you when you are healing because, for me at that stage, coughing KILLS!!! You take care and make sure your lovely wife caters to your every whim. Yes, dear wife, I went there! lol