Monday, August 31, 2009

Some much needed thanks...

This past Saturday was my birthday, and we decided to throw a little party for my 26 years well spent on this earth. It turns out that it was a birthday weekend instead of just a party and I really feel like I need to express some deep thanks and gratitude to those who tried so hard to make it such a great time.

Tara and Mark, You guys drove all the way down from Houlton and partied with me Friday night, got me completely hammered and bought me an amazing 32" flat panel t.v.(which btw, is (f***ING AWESOME!) and ontop of it you still had to get up and leave at 5 am to make it to work.

Gene and Darrel, Gene I have to especially thank you for driving the long 3 hours, overcoming some tough emotions, breaking through the walls and swallowing it all so you could come down and spend not only my birthday with me but your own. Oh, and I will have that camper, oh yes, it will be mine!

T.J. and Deeds - You guys are awesome, I mean come on, who else would go through Gallblader surgery on Friday and then still drag themselves up and soldier on to still make it to a friends birthday on Saturday, only you Deeds, thank you!

Rob - It was your busiest weekend in this entire year, and you probably could of been doing a thousand other things to get ready for your show but you still took a few hours to come see me (and laugh at me) and you proved yet again why you really are my brother and best friend.

Lloyd and Debbie - I know its quite a haul up here, especially in less than prime weather but you still managed to make it and atleast spend part of the day with me. oh and thanks for the snausages, Deb!

Heather - never has a person tried so whole heartedly to make me happy. No one has ever gone to such lengths to give me what I want, how I want, when I want. You really are amazing hun and I know I never say it enough but thank you so much for what you do for me. I love you!

I could go on and on with this list and thank everyone for all their kind words, and I do, I truly appreciate every single person who wished me a happy birthday, it was these people I listed and all of you that made it one of the best birthdays ever.


Heather said...

You're welcome. We do it because we love you, and we want you to be happy.

Happy Birthday, Baby Bear. I'm glad it was a great one!

Fox In Detox said...

You are a lucky man Bear! Great friends, and a FANTASTIC wife. Happy belated birthday...and many, many more!

Birds of A Feather said...

For you, Bear, I would have come up there even if my surgery was ON the day of your party. I mean come on! Free food? Great company? Awesome laughs? I wish we could do things like that more often! I love you and I love Heather. You both have been so supportive and caring during my surgery and recovery and that meant a lot to me. Love you both!!!