Saturday, January 17, 2009

A week of downs and more downs

Alright so the week hasn't been as bad as the headline sounds. Almost, but not quite.

Yesterday as I was at work on my machine in the mill, I see the president walk over and post a hand-written note on the time clock. Not a good sign. Usually when we have a meeting they print up a nice letter on a the computer giving us atleast 24 hours notice before hand. So I went over and read it and it stated that we had a meeting at 12:45 for All Employees underlined twice. Something was up.

As most of you well know the economy is in a major nose dive and thousands upon thousands are losing their jobs. Now I can join them. Granted, I am only in a temporary lay off, for the next 4 weeks I am 0ut of work. Benny, our president is one of the most decent guys in this entire world. He is honest, trustworthy, hardworking and he truly cares more about his crew than himself. He told us how since thanksgiving we have sawed 680,000 feet and only been able to sell 50,000. Right now we just can't keep going like this. Choking back tears he told us that he and the company would do everything they could to help us through this time, including paying our health insurance while we were off.

Things were tight to begin with. Heather and I finally had a plan on how to get ourselves more stable financially and how we might actually get ahead and now this is a major setback. I know we will make it through this. I have no doubt what so ever of that, but this will be a true test of our mettle.

I guess now I have some time to get some projects done around the house....too bad its -34 fucking degrees outside, haha

Now the other down that I referred to in the headline is my weight. As you well know I have been on a bender of weight loss, trying to get down to a reasonable and healthy weight. I am thrilled to say that this week has been a great success in the battle. This morning I weighed in at 300.4, the smallest I've been in almost 2 years. So far things are going splendidly and I am finding it easy to stay with the diet since I am still getting a dose of pepsi and chocolate everyday. Keep your fingers crossed that the next weeks go as smoothly.

How has your week been so far?

Well I am off to go crawl underneath the house. Apparently in the 3 day stretch of sub-zero temperatures the pipes to my washing machine have froze. Life is great, isn't it?


Amalia said...

You're right, Baby. We WILL get through this. This is our year, remember? This is nothing but a temporary set back. Come summer we will be laughing about how worried we were. I love you - we will do this.

Congrats on the weight, too, Baby. We will celebrate when you get to 299!

Amalia said...

Congrats on breaking the 300lb mark, Babe! I knew you could do it.